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"Noriben" is an abbreviation of "Nori Bento", which literally means "seaweed rice box". The modern day Noriben, which includes fried fish, fried fish cake, pickled radish, stir fried burdock root, and other various ingredients, is said to have been popularised during the mid 1970s.

In a bid to introduce original flavours of Japan to Singapore, Veg-An worked to veganise the Noriben, which features a crispy vegan fish fillet, pan fried OmniLuncheon, takuan pickled radish, kinpira lotus root, and marinated boiled spinach. Cruelty-free, alliums-free, 100% vegan! ITADAKIMASU!

Veg-An Classic Noriben

  • - Japanese five mixed grain rice with simmered kelp

    - Yakinori roasted seaweed

    - Deep fried vegan fillet

    - Pan fried OmniLuncheon

    - Boiled Spinach in Soy Sauce Marinade

    - Kinpira lotus root

    - Takuan pickled radish strips

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