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Founded in 1871 in Kagoshima by Fujiyasu Kyuzaemon, Fujiyasu Jozo company has a long history of more than 140 years in manufacturing soy sauce and miso under the well-known brand Hishiku.

Horebore is a blended miso that uses rice and barley as its main ingredient, which results in a slightly sweet taste. Besides making miso soup, they can also be eaten directly with rice, or made into dip sauces by combining with other ingredients, or used as seasoning (e.g. stir fry with french beans).

Horebore Awase Miso (500g)

  • Product name: Horebore Awase Miso

    Ingredients: soy bean, barley, salt, alcohol, seasoning (amino acid), sweetener (stevia, Chinese liquorice), vitamin B2, sodium sulfite.

    Contents: 500g

    Storage: Store in chiller or freezer.

    Made in Kagoshima, Japan

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