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In a bid to serve a more exquisite meal, we have worked to create the HB Premium Bento, a box set that includes a rice burger, elaborate vegetable stew, and more! Careful consideration has been given to ensure this high fibre, protein-packed set includes a wide variety of vegetables, such as green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and tubers, grains and seeds, seaweed, and legumes, and also a mix of culinary methods, from deep frying and pan frying to stewing and steaming.

HB Premium Bento

  • 1) Yakinori roasted seaweed wrapped rice burger with vegan fillet and home-made vegan tuna mayonnaise.
    2) Shojin style ankake vegetable stew with radish, carrots, shiitake mushroom, spinach and one edamame habutae tofu nugget.
    3) Fried potato cubes seasoned with seaweed and premium sea salt imported from the Amami islands in Kagoshima, Japan.
    4) Stewed sun dried radish, carrots and spinach
    5) Cooked sweet black beans
    6) Kinpira burdock and carrots

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